About Us

The Gamer Beasts is an apparel brand explicitly designed for true gamers. Inside every one of us is an untamed beast with a carnal instinct to level up and throw down. When we aren’t mowing through zombie infested shopping malls, drifting go karts past banana peels, or navigating dangerous traps in pursuit of untold fortunes, the lines between gaming console fandoms is where truly brutal battles are fought. As the console war rages on in the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere as it has for generations, The Gamer Beasts lead the charge!

The Gamer Beasts was founded in 2022 by avid gamer and YouTuber, The Nintendo Beast (aka Jon from Pozz TV). The Gamer Beasts apparel is designed to showcase the passion, excitement, and love for gaming that we possess as gamers. On its face, the brand draws battle lines between console fandoms. At its core, however, the brand is about bringing gamers together through heated competition and a collective love of video games.

Choose a side, unleash your inner beast, and join the fight! Show off your fandom with epic gamer apparel from The Gamer Beasts!

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